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EMORYStudent Organizations and Divisional Councils


The SGA President is elected to serve for a one-year term.  Along with advocating for students on a daily basis as the Student Body President of Emory University, the SGA President works with the Speaker of the Legislature to give the SGA Legislative body direction. The SGA President meets regularly with the Trustees, serving as a member of the Board of Trustee’s Campus Life Committee; several administrators, such as the President, Dean of Campus Life, Provost, the Secretary; and serves as an Executive Committee member of the University Senate.  Lastly, the SGA President supervises Divisional Councils and University-Wide Organizations, which are subsidiary bodies of the SGA.

Maxwell ZobermanStudent Government AssociationExecutive Vice President

Executive Vice President

The Executive Vice President is an elected position for one term. Working closely with the President of SGA, the EVP has the ability to advocate for major policy changes within the university as well as offer advice and direction to the SGA legislative body. The EVP sits on first of the three (3) University Senate seats allocated by the Board of Trustees and University Senate to the Student Government Association. The EVP also stands in when the President is unable to do so.

Gurbani SinghUniversity-WideUniversity-Wide Representative-At-Large

Chief of Staff

The Chief of Staff advises the SGA President on questions of policy and administration, oversees members of the Executive Cabinet, and pursues initiatives of their own design.


Vice President for Communications

The Vice President for Communication coordinates all public relations and serves as the official spokesperson for the Executive Branch.

Ben BaranovStudent Government AssociationAssociate VP of Communications

Associate Vice President for Communications

The Associate Vice President for Communications serves as the Vice President for Communications in training and assists in public relations and communication to the student body.


Vice President for Finance

The Vice President for Finance administers and supervises all financial affairs of the SGA and all chartered organizations, maintains all necessary financial records, serves as liaison to the University accounting offices, and serves as chair of the Finance Committee.

Jason YuStudent Government AssociationVP of Finance

Attorney General

The Attorney General is fully informed of the activities of all judicial organizations under the jurisdiction of the SGA and advises the SGA and all chartered organizations as to the constitutionality of their procedures and actions.


Vice President for Programming

The Vice President for Programming is elected to serve the student body for a one-year term and serves as SPC President. The VP for Programming oversees the programming for the entire university, including Homecoming Week, Dooley’s Week, and special events.


Vice President for Alumni Relations

The Vice President for Alumni Relations (VPAR) serves on the Emory University Alumni Board, along with the Associate VPAR, to identify and address all alumni related issues, such as Alumni mentoring and Undergraduate-Graduate mentoring programs.  The VPAR oversees the AVPAR and has usually served as the AVPAR the previous administration.

John BakerStudent Government AssociationAssociate VP for Alumni Relations

Associate Vice President for Alumni Relations

The Associate Vice President for Alumni Relations (AVPAR) is a two-year term; following the one-year term as AVPAR, the individual will serve as the Vice President for Alumni Relations (VPAR).  Along with the VPAR, the AVPAR serves on the Emory University Alumni Board to identify and address all alumni related issues, such as Alumni mentoring and Undergraduate-Graduate mentoring programs.


Vice President for Graduate Affairs

The Vice President for Graduate Affairs serves as the President of the Graduate Student Government Association and advises the President on issues and policies concerning graduate and professional students. The VP for Graduate Affairs is intended to be the chief advocate for graduate student interests within the Student Government Association and as an ex-officio member of the University Senate and Board of Trustees.



The Secretary of the SGA is an independent officer established by Article VII, Section 2(G) of the Student Constitution.  He or she is appointed by the President, in consultation with the Speaker of the Legislature and Chief Justice of the SGA, by and with the advice and consent of the Legislature, for an enrollment-long period. Many of the Vice President for Communication’s administrative roles have been transferred to this newly revived office. The Secretary is responsible for conducting SGA’s administrative functions, including but not limited to maintaining the roster of the SGA, presidents of divisional councils, updating and publishing the rules and bylaws of the SGA and opinions of the Constitutional Council, and stating in touch with the Secretary of the University and University Archivist of MARBL to archive the SGA’s records.  As a result, all clerks and deputy secretary’s of the SGA work underneath the Secretary.  Moreover, the Secretary sits on the Board of Elections to not only maintain the candidate’s rosters but also to ensure transitions happen as smoothly as possible.  The Secretary works closely with the Vice President for Communications and Attorney General.