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Michael Lor
Senior Representative, Emory College of Arts and Sciences
My position on SGA is Junior Representative. I'm a member of the Student Life Committee and also part of the Transportation and Parking Advisory Committee (T&PAC). Looking forward to this year and seeing all that we can accomplish.
About Michael Hi, my name's Michael. I'm a junior in Emory College, studying chemistry, and one day hoping to go to medical school, get married, have kids, raise them a little bit, send them to Emory, pay some tuition, and all that good stuff. Below lists more info to "humanize" me: -- Emory Class of 2016 (High School Class of 2012, Middle School Class of 2008, Lower School Class of 2005, Kindergarten Class of 1999) -- If you did the math from the bullet point above, you'd notice it took me an extra year to do the whole "K-8" thing... Yes, I was held back in kindergarten. Well, really, I went to "Pre-First." It was a good time. -- I enjoy all kinds of sports, regardless of my proficiency in them -- I've got a strong passion for Starbucks -- I'm a HUGE Braves fan -- I Love dogs ... but who doesn't?

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