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The official Student Government Association logo is a symbol of the power and authority of the Student Government Association.  It is provided here for use in advertising and promotion related to the organization. Use of the logo is authorized only when “Conditions of Use” are satisfied.  The Vice President for Communications has ultimate authority in determining appropriate and proper use of the logo.

Conditions of Use

  • The logo may not be modified in any way. This includes, but is not limited to, modifications to color (outside of the official variations provided) or typography, application of visual effects (i.e. beveling/embossing), and non-proportional scaling of the image.
  • The logo must be presented on a solid background of contrasting color, utilizing the official variants of the logo with provided background colors.
  • The logo must be surrounded on all sides by blank space, equal in width to 30% of the height of the logo (in pixels).
  • The logo may not appear in any advertising, promotional, or other materials without the notification and consent of the Vice President for Communications.


Download the Logo (.zip, 3.23MB)