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The Speaker of the Legislature

The Speaker of the Legislature is the presiding officer of the chamber. The Speaker is a current Legislator who is elected by the Legislature at the beginning of each term. The Speaker is responsible for organizing the Legislature into its committees and appointing their chairs. All bills and resolutions to be voted on by the Legislature are sent to the Speaker in order for them to be considered by the Legislature. The final wording of all referendums of the SGA must receive the approval of the Speaker. The Speaker also attends Cabinet meetings to represent the Legislature. According to the Standing Rules, the Speaker may only vote when there is a tie. The Speaker is second in the SGA presidential line of succession, after the Executive Vice President and ahead of the Ranking Member of the Legislature.

Crystal McBrownStudent Government AssociationSpeaker of the Legislature

The Ranking Member of the Legislature

The Ranking Member of the Legislature is the Legislator who has served the greatest number of terms. In the absence of the Speaker of the Legislature, or in the case of inability to fulfill his or her duties, the Ranking Member acts as Speaker. The Ranking Member is third in the SGA presidential line of succession, after the Executive Vice President and the Speaker.

The Clerk of the Legislature

The Clerk of the Legislature is appointed by the Speaker of the Legislature. The Clerk is responsible for maintaining an updated list of members of the Association, calling roll at legislative sessions, and documenting the proceedings of Legislature through minutes.

Zoey LandeStudent Government AssociationSecretary