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Representatives at Large

Representatives-at-Large: SGA Representatives-at-Large are voting members of the SGA Legislature whose responsibilities are the same as other legislators, but unlike other representatives, they represent all students of the University rather than a particular division (such as the College, Medical School, Law School, etc.). The four Representatives-at-Large are elected during campus-wide SGA elections in the Spring semester of each year.


Divisional Representatives

Divisional Representatives: The SGA Legislature is composed of 35 divisional representatives whose responsibilities include enacting all legislation necessary and proper to promote the general welfare of the student body and the University. Past projects have included soliciting funds for various campus events/programs, construction of permanent structures across the campus, and changes in University policy that directly affect the student body. All members of the SGA Legislature are appointed to one of the legislative committees and are responsible for attending each committee meeting. Additionally, representatives are charged with the duty of seeking student input to determine the agenda of the SGA Legislature. To learn how you can become a divisional representative, contact the President of your division.



Division Apportioned Representatives
Allied Health 1
College of Arts and Sciences 14
College-Wide 2
Senior Class 3
Junior Class 2
Junior Oxford-Continuee 1
Sophomore Class 3
Freshman Class 3
Graduate Business School 2
Graduate Nursing School 1
Laney Graduate School of Arts and Sciences 5
Law School 2
Medical School 2
Oxford College 2
School of Public Health 2
Theology School 1
Undergraduate Business School 2
Undergraduate Nursing 1
Total 35