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The Constitutional Council is the Supreme Court of the SGA and has both original and appellate jurisdiction on all issues and matters of policy, either arising from the actions of the SGA (including all of its subsidiary bodies) or the University. The Council may also override decisions of judicial bodies formed by the SGA or one of its subsidiary bodies, such the Interfraternity Council, Intersorority Council, the Student Bar Association, and Oxford SGA.  Justices are appointed by the SGA President with the advice and consent of the Legislature for enrollment-long periods.

Chief Justice of the Constitutional Council

The Constitutional Council is headed by a Chief Justice, who is one of the Members of the Council. The Chief Justice serves a one-year term, and may serve no more than one term. The Chief Justice administers the Oath of Office to the SGA President and works with the President to appoint the Secretary of the Student Government Association.

Recent Former Chief Justices: Kara Maynard 12OX 15BBA, appointed by President Ashish Gandhi 13C 15PH; Zachary B. Goldstein 13BBA, Appointed by President Adam McCall 12C; Brandon Reeser 13L, Appointed by President Elizabeth Brandt 11BBA; Matthew Polliner 09C 12L, Appointed by President Alex Kappus 10C

Bryce RobertsonStudent Government JudiciaryAssociate Justice

Associate Justices of the Constitutional Council

Associate Justices of the Constitutional Council are appointed for enrollment-long periods.

Shannon ProctorStudent Government JudiciaryAssociate Justice

Allen WoodsStudent Government JudiciaryAssociate Justice

Alexander CohenStudent Government JudiciaryAssociate Justice

This position is currently vacant.

This position is currently vacant.

This position is currently vacant.

This position is currently vacant.