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Author: Raj TilwaPosted On: October 17, 2014Categories: Uncategorized

Hi All,

It feels great coming back fully invigorated and energized from a much needed fall break. I’m sorry I haven’t been the best at staying active here with my blog posts, but I am trying to change that.

Many exciting things have been happening the past few days. Before fall break, I was in a meeting with administrators involved with Alumni Relations, Emory Alumni Association and Orientation to think of ways in which we can engage alumni more effectively. There has been wide reception of having alumni actively involved with the students. We are in the process of coming up with a new program to engage alumni better, and I will keep you updated with that process.

In other news, a couple of us had a productive conversation with a Senior Director from Transportation and Parking Services. We discussed some of the new things their office is working on, which include some much needed analysis of the various Transportation services, including the SafeRide Program, at Emory and potential improvements/expansion.

There is a discussion underway about expanding Safe Ride to include both the existing call-in service and also a fixed pickup/stop schedule much like normal shuttle service. 

Additionally, we are discussing the possible implementation of a digital platform for the Safe Ride service via smartphone that would effectively make the request and pickup process more efficient and more accessible. This will potentially allow you to request pickup remotely and alerting you when your shuttle has arrived, which will be a big step up from what we have at the moment.

We’ve also begun exploring a possible internal-campus pickup/drop-off service that would take Safe Ride to the next level of safety coverage, allowing pickup/drop-off to and from any point on campus and the immediate surrounding areas using a fleet of alternative electric vehicles that can traverse internal campus, allowing for direct door-to-door transport.

Many more exciting things are on the way! Please reach out to me if you have any questions, feedback or if you want to get involved with any of the things we are working on.

Stay tuned!

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