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EMORYStudent Organizations and Divisional Councils

All executive agencies are established underneath the President of the SGA and shall be headed by a vice president of the SGA or a head of the establishment who shall serve as the president of executive agency. Unless where the Student Constitution, this Code, or other bylaws of the SGA shall explicitly provide, these executive agencies are independent from the President of the SGA. The Chartering Bylaws of the SGA may refer to these entities using different terminology.

Club Sports Council

The Club Sports Council (CSC) derives its authority from the Student Government Association and the Emory University Department of Athletics and Recreation. The Council shall strive to promote the development of competitive sports clubs at Emory University, oversee and coordinate the activity of competitive sports clubs chartered by the SGA, advise the SGA and the University of the needs and concerns of competitive sports clubs, and serve as a forum for inter-club communication for the organizations within the division.

The mission of Emory Club Sports is to provide an environment in which student-athletes participate in intercollegiate competitions and achieve athletic success at the highest possible level and develop skills that contribute towards this success. The Club Sport Council is committed to facilitating participation across all SGA divisions and developing leaders in the Emory Community.

Graduate Student Government Association

Emory Graduate SGA is the governing and supporting body of all eight graduate divisions and the over 6000 graduate students at Emory. The Graduate SGA is comprised of an executive board and elected representatives from each graduate division, and is subsidiary to the Student Government Association.

Media Council

The Student Media Council governs University-wide student media, serving as a resource board to advocate ethical journalism and media practices. This student-run council deals with other issues related to the general operation of University-wide student media organizations, which now include Alloy, Emory Undergraduate Research Journal, Emory Political Review, EmoryVision, The Emory Wheel, Hybrid Vigor, Lullwater Review, The Emory Spoke, and WMRE.

Residence Hall Association

The Residence Hall Association (RHA) is the third largest student run organization at Emory University. RHA consists of the Executive Board, the Hall Councils, and the Executive Council. Each of these branches works to promote the goals and purposes of the University as related to residential living, as well as to serve as the student voice. RHA is an avenue for student cooperation and leadership on campus where students do make a difference.

Student Programming Council

The mission of the Student Programming Council (SPC) is to enrich the Emory community by providing a variety of quality entertainment for the entire university, making the Emory experience as enjoyable as possible. Applications for SPC are available in August. For more information, please visit the SPC website.