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EMORYStudent Organizations and Divisional Councils

The Board of Elections oversees the elections for the following offices: President of the SGA, Executive Vice President of the SGA, Vice President for Programming of the SGA (SPC President), Vice President for Graduate Affairs of the SGA (GSGA President), University Senators of the University Senate [two (2) of three(3) elected], Representatives-at-Large (4), Vice President of the SPC, and all Divisional Councils’ elected positions, as indicated in each respective Appendix.


Reuben LackBoard of ElectionsChair

Vice Chair

James CahillBoard of ElectionsVice Chair


Caitlin BrennanBoard of ElectionsTreasurer

University-Wide Commissioners


Katherine JosephBoard of ElectionsUniversity-Wide


Jenelle ChiangBoard of ElectionsUniversity-Wide


Jenny KwonBoard of ElectionsUniversity-Wide

Chairs for Executive Agencies and Divisional Councils

GSGA Representative

Rohan AggarwalBoard of ElectionsGSGA Representative

RHA Representative

Raven WhitmoreBoard of ElectionsRHA Representative

Candler Representative

Andrew ToneyBoard of ElectionsCandler Representative

College Council Representative

Oliver TingBoard of ElectionsCollege Council Representative

Oxford SGA Representative

Christopher LamBoard of ElectionsOxford SGA Representative

BBA Council Representative

Max MayblumBoard of ElectionsBBA Council Representative

Graduate Business Association Representative

Marc GollobBoard of ElectionsGraduate Business Association Representative

ESNA Representative

Walter MasonBoard of ElectionsESNA Representative

Law School Representative

Mike MerarBoard of ElectionsLaw School Representative

Graduate School Council Representative

Ashley ParcellsBoard of ElectionsGSC Representative

Medical School Representative

Stewart BuckBoard of ElectionsMedical School Representative

Rollins SGA Representative

AJ BillingsleyBoard of ElectionsRollins SGA Representative