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EMORYStudent Organizations and Divisional Councils

Undergraduate Divisional Councils

BBA Council

The BBA Council is the governing body for all BBA students. Your Council is elected each year to represent the needs of the students and to serve as your voice in enabling and enhancing professional, social, and academic opportunities.

The Council allocates funding and provides oversight for all the BBA Clubs and plans events ranging from weekly “Kegs in the Courtyard” to monthly social activities and the annual Undergraduate Business School Leadership Conference, BBA Formal, and Senior Class Celebration.

Students are highly encouraged to get involved in the Council by running for office, spearheading an initiative with the Council’s assistance, or taking a leadership role in a BBA club.

College Council

The College Council’s primary role is to allocate funding to student organizations in Emory College, advocate for students enrolled in the College of Arts and Sciences, and provide unique and academically-engaging programming opportunities like “State of Race,” a part of Social Justice Week, experience shuttles, and Cultureshock.

Emory Student Nurses Association

ESNA is the professional organization for Emory nursing students. We function under the state professional organization (Georgia Association of Nursing Students – GANS) and the national professional organization (National Student Nurses Association – NSNA). We are an award winning organization on the national level for our outstanding and STELLAR school chapter!

ESNA also serves as the governing body for students enrolled in the Undergraduate School of Nursing.

Student Government Association of Oxford College

The Oxford SGA is the governing body for students enrolled in Oxford College of Emory University.


Graduate and Professional Divisional Councils

Allied Health Council

Allied Health Council (AHC) is a representative body for all Allied Health Students at Emory University School of Medicine. These programs include Anesthesiology Assistant, Genetic Counseling, Medical Imaging, Physician Assistant and Physical Therapy.

The purpose of the AHC is to represent student interests, establish monetary policy and oversee expenditures, and promote communication amongst students, faculty and administration within Allied Health.

Candler Coordinating Council (C3)

C3 is the governing body for students enrolled in the Candler School of Theology

Goizueta Business Association

The Graduate Business Association (GBA) consists of an executive council of elected student leaders who are given various responsibilities to improve the education and fulfillment of student life at the Goizueta School of Business. These responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

1. Enhance the prestige of the Goizueta Business School and positively supplement the graduate students’ educational experience.
2. Provide an atmosphere conducive to student fellowship and promote interaction between students, the academic community and the professional community.
3. Manage the student allocated budget for the Full-Time MBA program.
4. Organize social and professional develop activities to benefit the student body.
5. Oversee the management and funding of student led clubs

Graduate Nursing Council

he Graduate Nursing Council is the official nursing graduate student organization recognized by Emory University. Our purpose is to help promote the long standing tradition of excellent nursing through leadership and unity of the graduate nursing students. Run by grad students, the Council is the voice of students in all MSN specialties for change and advocacy. This fun group sponsors academic lunch “N” learn sessions and social events including the Braves game, Shakespeare Tavern, Vagina Monologues and university wide mixers. We participate in charity events such as Moultrie and over sea projects like donating fetal monitors to the Dominican Republic. And of course, we take care of our graduate students by serving dessert, keeping them updated about university events, important dates, and announcements through a weekly update newsletter, and advocating on behalf of the graduate students when needed.

We are committed to provide student awareness and camaraderie amongst the entire Emory community. GNC works closely with the Graduate Senate, which represents all of the Emory graduate community. The interdependence of all graduate counsels allows academic and professional issues impacting graduate nursing students to be brought before the faculty and the administration.

Join us and make new friends that will last a life time! Membership is encouraged and open to all nursing graduate students for Graduate Nursing Council. Contact your board members for more information.

Laney Graduate Student Council (Laney GSC)

The Laney Graduate Student Council (GSC) is the governing body of graduate students in the Laney Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at Emory University. We host mixers, support chartered student organizations, fund events for graduate student groups, and hold open meetings once a month where students can request GSC support for their activities.

Medical School Senate

The purpose of the Medical Student Senate (MSS) of the Emory University School of Medicine is to function as a body to represent student interests, establish monetary policy, and promote channels of communication amongst students, faculty, and administration.

The Medical Student Senate (MSS) is the organization which distributes funds for Medical School groups to have activities. MSS also maintains contact with equivalent groups in other graduate and professional schools at Emory. The General Assembly is made up of 4 senators from each class, the president and vice president of each class, and the SGA, Graduate Senate and University Senate representatives. Meetings occur on a monthly basis and are open to everyone in the student body.

Rollins Student Government Association

The purpose of the Rollins SGA is to promote the pursuit of knowledge through provision of services and programs that improve the quality of Rollins School of Public Health students’ lives and education; To foster a broad sense of community among the students of all department of the Rollins School of Public Health; To coordinate advocacy and representation and to provide a forum of open and constructive debate regarding issues that are of concern to Rollins School of Public Health students; To represent the Rollins School of Public Health in university-wide governance through representation and recognition within the Graduate Student Government Association, Emory University Student Government Association, among others.

Student Bar Association

The Student Bar Association is the student government of the law school. It is composed of an executive board and three representatives from each class. SBA serves as the primary connection between the students and the administration.

SBA allocates student activity fee money to chartered law school organizations, works to build relations with other schools and organizations on campus, and is the primary source of the law school’s social activities.

SBA plans various social activities throughout the year, including our annual Casino Night and Barrister’s Ball (formal dance). SBA also takes on projects as need and desire arise. SBA holds one meeting every other week and members are required to serve on a faculty committee (usually about two meetings a month).

SBA members serve on faculty committees (i.e. curriculum, faculty appointments, career services), university-wide committees (i.e. parking), and are often called upon by the administration to assist with special projects.