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EmoryLife: Student Organization Websites

EmoryLife is an online home for Emory’s student organizations, provided by the Student Government Association and the Division of Campus Life. It’s a fast, free way for student organizations to develop a web presence. We’ve provided the tools, templates, and the funding. All you have to do is provide the content.

If you’re a general student organization, getting a website is easier than ever. You simply fill out a form to request a site. Once your request is submitted, here’s what happens:

  1. Natasha Hopkins in the Office of Student Leadership and Service makes sure that your organization is chartered, in good standing, registered and updated on Community, and that the person requesting the website (in this case, you) has permission to do so (usually that means they’re a registered officer in the organization).
  2. Once he gets the thumbs-up from Natasha, the SGA Vice President for Communications, Yuxuan Chen, sets up the site on EmoryLife, assigns a basic theme, and registers an account for you. This takes about three minutes.
  3. EmoryLife sends an email to you containing your username and password. You can log in and begin editing your new website!

EmoryLife is coming along with an update to the Emory University Policy that directly affects student organizations, Policy 8.12. The good news is, if you’re a part of EmoryLife, your website is automatically compliant. If your site isn’t on EmoryLife, there are a few guidelines that you’ll have to keep in mind. We’ve printed some here for your convenience, but you should always consult the policies website for the official, up-to-date list. Websites are protected under Policy 8.14, Respect for Open Expression Policy.

All student organization websites must meet the following criteria:

Student organizations may not purchase domain names without the explicit approval of the Campus Life Interactive Communications Developer (CLICD). A record of domain names owned by student organizations must be maintained by the CLICD.

Domain names must be compliant with the following criteria:

Exceptions to these criteria may be granted by the Campus Life Interactive Communications Developer.


Themes, Plugins, and the Fifty-Fifty Program

We’re confident in the themes and plugins that we’ve made available on EmoryLife, but there’s always room for improvement. If your organization can’t find a theme or plugin that meets your needs, here’s what you can do:


The Fifty-Fifty Program

If you’ve found a premium theme or plugin that will add value to EmoryLife, the Student Government Executive Board will provide 50% of the funding for the premium purchase, if your request is approved. Fifty-fifty purchases are subject to these guidelines:

Mailchimp for Divisional Councils, Governing Bodies, and University-Wide Organizations

Mailchimp makes building beautiful, individualized emails extremely easy. The service has built-in templates and a drag-and-drop interface, along with features like mail merge for hyper-individualization.

List-serves are terrible for communication, and sending all-division or all-student emails requires several layers of approval. We’ve created a streamlined process with a few guidelines to make communicating with your constituents a whole lot easier:

The only trade-off with Mailchimp is that students have the ability to unsubscribe. That’s why we’re doing our best to ensure that we’re using this resource responsibly, and always trying to send extremely valuable, relevant emails.

Need help with Mailchimp? Check out our quick-reference.

The ‘Get Involved’ Opportunity Portal

Tired of browsing Facebook, sending emails, and meeting with staff members about how to get involved? We were, too. That’s why we created the ‘Get Involved’ opportunity portal. It’s a central place for Student Organizations, Administrators, and Governing Bodies to post opportunities. You can apply, upload a resume, and track your application all in one place.

The portal has a searchable ‘opportunity board’ with filters for the type of opportunity or leadership position, notifications when new postings are available, resume and application management, and a whole lot more. If you’re trying to manage applications, it has a built-in system for you and your team to rate candidates, review resumes, and track or update the status of individual applications.

Push Notifications through Broadcast

We’re always searching for new platforms and services that will enhance our communications portfolio and add value for subscribers. We’ve found a service that will allow people to opt-in to receive push notifications from SGA on their smartphones, giving us a new communications tool somewhere in-between email and social media posts.

The benefit to this platform, and the companion application, is that any individual or organization can create a ‘Broadcast Channel’ and send notifications of their own to their subscribers. If you’re part of a student organization, we’d like you to help us promote our channel and encourage students to download the application. While you’re at it, you’re encouraged to create a Broadcast Channel of your own, and we’re happy to spread the word about it, too.

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