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Submitted On: January 23, 2015Assigned To: UnassignedVote: --
Bill sl, "SGA Constitutional Amendment – Petition Process," Submitted by Chair Reuben Lack .
the SGA Constitution provides two mechanisms by which its text may be amended; and,
the method for a student petition seeking to amend the Constitution is overly onerous ; and,
a ten percent requirement of the whole student body is more than the total number of voters in the last SGA general election; and,
a reduction in the signature requirement will provide students an easier route to amending the Constitution that governs their student government; and,
the upcoming Spring Elections are the most practical time to hold this referendum.
Therefore, be it enacted by the 48th Student Legislature of Emory University, that there be a student referendum during the Spring 2015 Elections on whether the following amendment to the SGA Constitution shall be adopted: That Article X, Section B be amended to read: "Passage by a majority of the students voting in a special referendum conducted by the SGA. The President of the SGA shall direct that such a referendum be held upon receipt of a written petition initiated by a student calling for such an amendment and signed by either five percent of the total population of the student body. The referendum shall then be approved by the University Senate of Emory University." .
Further resolved, that the text of the Referendum be as follows: "Should the SGA Constitution be amended to lower the threshold for student petitions that seek changes to the Constitution's text from ten percent of the student body to five percent?".

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