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Submitted On: February 16, 2015Assigned To: UnassignedLegislature: passedVote: 24-0-0Executive: signed
Bill 48sl20, "Institutionalization of the TableTalk Initiative Through the Formation of a New Interdivisional Organization Chartered Under the Student Government Association," Submitted by Chief of Staff Adam Goldstein, Jon Darby President.
TableTalk Emory is a student-run initiative whose goal is facilitate conversations and understanding between members of the Emory community who do not often interact; and,
TableTalk Emory has existed as a pilot program since January 2014 with the support of the Student Government Association Executive Board and Campus Life; and,
TableTalk Emory is successfully running three campaigns on Emory’s campus—TableTalks, CampusCouches, and LookUp; and,
TableTalks are pre-set and pre-planned conversations between two disconnected groups of the Emory community; and,
TableTalk Emory has hosted 5 TableTalks and one leadership dinner with attendance at each from divisions across campus affecting over 100 Emory students; and,
TableTalk Emory has 10 TableTalks planned for this semester and 118 pairs of TableTalks requested by student groups; and,
CampusCouches sets up furniture around Emory and invites all who want to engage in free and unstructured conversation; and,
TableTalk Emory has hosted 5 CampusCouches around Emory since the beginning of this academic year; and,
TableTalk Emory plans on hosting a CampusCouches once a week weather permitting; and,
TableTalk Emory has created a LookUp section in the DUC to encourage engaged conversations over meals; and,
TableTalk Emory plans to expand LookUp to Highland Bakery and other dining locations across Emory’s Campus; and,
TableTalk Emory has grown to be a 50+ person organization with representation across multiple Emory divisions (see Appendix 1); and,
TableTalk Emory is in need of consistent funding to continue its initiatives and expand them (see Appendix 2); and,
TableTalk Emory’s proposed budget takes less than 1% of the Interdivisional Distribution; and,
TableTalk Emory is being replicated at eight other universities; and,
TableTalk Emory will not use Student Activity Fee money in any way to support new, emerging, or existing TableTalk chapters outside of TableTalk Emory; and,
TableTalk Emory programs for the whole University with membership across divisions; and,
a charter under a divisional council—i.e. BBA Council or College Council—would hinder TableTalk Emory’s goal of connecting groups across the Emory community in all divisions and would restrict TableTalk Emory’s ability to provide its value to the University as a whole; and,
TableTalk Emory has already provided a valuable service to the University as a whole by encouraging members of the Emory community to learn from those they do not often interact with.
Therefore, be it enacted by the 48th Student Legislature of Emory University that TableTalk Emory shall be institutionalized through the formation of a new Interdivisional Organization, "TableTalk Emory", and shall be issued a charter under the Student Government Association..


Appendix I. Membership of TableTalk Emory



Orli Berman College

Emily Jo Coady College

Manisha Palla College

Kira Omhart College

Manhad Mohamad College

Anna Duncan College

Peter Habib College

Nate Sawyer College

Rachel Citrin College

River Bunkley College

Michael Gadsden Business

Virginia Spinks College

Tsewang Rigzin-Laney Graduate School

Mellisa Wentzel- Candler School of Theology



Sam Balogh College

Emily Plotkin College

Patrick Harris College

Ben Perlmuter College

Christina Anderson College

Joan Reeger College

Rachel Kennen Business

Eugenie Hagerman College

Geoffrey Solomon College

Jaclyn Sutton College

Jordan Kolpas College

Josh Patashnik College

Michael Dix  College

Lauren Lindeen College

Molly Zhu College

Namratha Kolur College

Olivia Meisner College

Casey Anthony College

Parul Reddy College

Matthew Shehata College

Sara Frank College

Amy Tang College

Dottie Stearns College

Fielding Glenn-Oxford



Ava Boeker College

Luke Caso College

Ethan Morris College

Kathryn Taylor College

Marissa Hann Business

Elizabeth Tessa Caffrtiz College

Cassidy Schwartz College

Randall Miller College

Lily Kiralla College

Aaron Levey Business

Eli Patt College

Neha Bansel College

Brett Schlossberg-Law School



Kirk Gulezian College

Priya Ramalingam College

Yash Patel  College

Wendy Ye College

AJ Billingsley-Rollins School of Public

Ria Sabnis College



Appendix II. TableTalk Emory proposed 2015-2016 budget



TableTalks (20 at 100 each)                             $2,000

TableTalk Leadership Dinner (2 at 500 each)      $1,000


Couch maintenance                                         $150 

LookUp and Public Relations

Printing                                                          $300


Total                                                               $3450

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