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Submitted On: January 23, 2015Assigned To: Finance, GovernanceLegislature: passedVote: 11-4-6Executive: signed
Bill 48sl11, "Election Code Amendment – Expenditure Receipts," Submitted by Chair Reuben Lack .
the Code of Elections sets out the rules for all University elections; and,
the Code sets a harsh and arbitrary penalty for failing to file receipts of campaign expenditures; and,
the Code should give the Board discretion on this issue as opposed to a forced disqualification .
Therefore, be it enacted by the 48th Student Legislature of Emory University that the Code of Elections, Part V, Article 4, Clause C be amended to read: "Failure to file an itemized account may result in sanctions imposed by the Board. Candidates shall not be penalized for late filings, so long as they did not go over the expenditure limit.".


Current text: "Failure to file an itemized account shall result in the disqualification of the candidate from the election. Inaccuracies in the account may be cause for violation and sanction by the Board." (emphasis added)

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