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Bill sl, "A Bill to Enact a More Effective Attendance Policy for the Student Legislature," Submitted by College-Wide Representative Aaron Tucek, Aaron Tucek College-Wide Representative.
attending meetings of the Student Legislature is the fundamental responsibility of every Student Representative; and; and,
the 48th Student Legislature has consistently struggled to meet the requirements of quorum; and,; and,
previous legislatures have also struggled to meet quorum; and,; and,
the Student Legislature cannot fulfill its Constitutional obligations on behalf of the students of Emory University if quorum is not met; and,; and,
current attendance policy allows every legislator four absences per legislative term and requires the Governance Committee to vote to expel any member in violation of this policy; and,; and,
Members of the Legislature often share friendships with each other that incentivize the Governance Committee not to take action against frequently absent legislators; and, ; and,
there are as a result no consequences for violating the attendance policy; and,; and,
Article IV Section 3 Part G of the Student Constitution of Emory University empowers the Legislature to set and enforce policies for the removal of Members of the Legislature;.
Therefore, be it enacted by the 48th Student Legislature of Emory University that if approved by a majority vote of the total membership of the Legislature (at least 20 members), the Rules and Procedures of the Student Legislature of the Student Government Association of Emory University be amended to reflect Exhibits A and B..


Exhibit A (New language underlined, language to be eliminated struck-through)


The Rules and Procedures of the Student Legislature of the Student Government Association of Emory University


Part I Rule 4: Members: Attendance Policy and Applicability


All Members of the Legislature shall regularly attend meetings of the Student Legislature, subject to the following guidelines:


4.1       Each Representative-At-Large and Permanent Divisional Representative (“Permanent Member”) of the Student Legislature is allowed four (4) absences per legislative term.          

4.1.1    Upon election to the Legislature, each newly elected representative shall submit to the Clerk of the Legislature a $20 deposit.

4.1.2    No newly elected member of the Legislature shall be sworn in or seated if they have not submitted the aforementioned deposit.

4.1.3    Every time a member of the Legislature is absent from a meeting of the Legislature, the Clerk shall deduct $5 from that member’s deposit to be placed in the SGA Contingency Account.

4.1.4    The remaining balance on each member’s deposit shall be returned to the member at the close of the final meeting of the legislative term.


4.2       Rotating Divisional Representatives (“Rotating Members”) are not subject to the attendance policy but are encouraged to attend as many meetings of the Legislature and committees as possible.


4.3       If any legislator is in violation of the regular meeting attendance policy, the Clerk shall notify the Chairperson of the Governance Committee of this charge.  The Speaker of the Legislature shall have the discretion to grant a member an excused absence wherein funds shall not be deducted from their deposit if the following conditions are met:

4.3.1    The request for an excused absence is communicated to the Speaker prior to the meeting of the Legislature in question.

4.3.2    The legislator making the request has a compelling reason for their absence, such as illness or family emergency.

4.3.3    The legislator making the request has not already been granted three or more excused absences in the current legislative term.


4.4       Any legislator whose deposit reaches a balance of $0 shall be considered in violation of the Attendance Policy and expelled from the Legislature.

4.4.1    The Speaker shall inform any legislator whose deposit reaches a balance of $5 that they will be expelled from the Legislature if they have one more unexcused absence.


Exhibit B (New language underlined, language to be eliminated struck-through)


The Rules and Procedures of the Student Legislature of the Student Government Association of Emory University


Part X Rule 61: Expulsions, Removals, and Impeachments: Restatement of Powers and Methods of Removal


61.4     The Governance Committee may expel any Divisional Representative solely based on violation of the attendance policy.  Any Representative in violation of the attendance policy as stipulated in Rule 4 of this document shall be expelled from the Legislature.  The expulsion shall be effective after the conclusion of the next meeting of the Student Legislature, where the Member who has been expelled by the Governance Committee can appeal to the Student Legislature. The appeal shall be considered effective if a two-thirds of the Members present or at least twenty-one (21) Members vote, whichever is lesser, to annul the expulsion Governance Committee’s decision. The Member may be expelled then only under the following formal proceedings.

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